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Re: This Comm

Was wondering if this comm is still active? I'd love to take over the reins if not, can't seem to get ahold of the Owner.

I do a lot of prof website promo and design, and I LOVE LOTR and the gorgeous actors in it! ... if the Owner can get ahold of me please let me know, I'd love to get things going here really good again  :)  
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I hope it's still active. I've been posting my fics here for years.

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She is exclusively posting fics to AO3 now, as far as I know. You may be able to reach her there. I think she also goes by the same name at Dreamwidth.
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Hi, I'm one of the comm owners, and you are welcome to post stories, recs, prompts, promotions, anything related to the cast! Let's start with that and see what happens.

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The only reason this comm seems unactive is because no one is posting anything! And largely, I think, because the majority of LOTR/Hobbit fandom has most likely moved well away from LJ. I don't think any amount of promotion or redisigns will make much difference now. Livejournal drove most fandoms/fandom people away with years of mismanagement and terrible service. *shrug*

But please, if you want the fandom to be active here again, please post stuff and encourage others to do so, if there are any Lotrippers still here. Personally, AO3 is far more active and user friendly. LJ doesn't give me a fandom friendly vibe anymore.

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AO3 makes it very easy to create collections and challenges/gift exchanges, either private or for others to add to, even allows for anonymous posting to certain collections for those who are shy. Also, now that they've decided to allow meta posts, there's opportunity for fandom discussion as well. I think a lot of these features are going unknown so far as it's still in Beta, but it's all there if users explore a bit.

It's not quite the same as LJ, of course, but considering AO3 was made for fans by fans, it's always improving in our favor for fandom. But if there's still fandom here, this comm is still more than available. People just have to post to it.

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I'm uplifted to see there does exist (I think) a certain, steady, unwavering fandom base for this community.

I just posted for the first time in about a year myself. It's not much, but it would be nice to see a little life return to the community overall.

I suspect 'life' has just happened to a lot of people, and time is at a premium for most of us. It certainly has been for me.