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This community is for fans who like to write, read and talk about slash fiction featuring the actors from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Fellowshippers is not confined to fiction posts. As long as it's related to LOTR, RPS, and fanfiction and complies with the communitiy rules, it's welcome here. We'll let you know if it doesn't.

Community Rules
Please read before you join!

• Fiction in this community is Lord of the Rings Real Person Slash. At least one character should be an actor from the LOTR films (crossovers are certainly welcome). Het is allowed as long as the story has slash themes as well.

• Fiction must have pairings and ratings (G, PG, R, NC-17, or similar) displayed in a header or the title box outside of any cut or link. Please place the body of your fiction behind a cut, even if it's short.

• All graphics and banners (including but not limited to icon posts, fan art, colorbars, and fic-specific banners) must be under a cut.

• Please don't friends-lock your entries within the community. If your post links to a locked journal, please note this and provide readers a way to be added.

• Be nice, be calm, be courteous. Happy slashing. Trolls will be distracted until sunrise.

If you have a comment or concern, please use the moderator's email above, or comment on any post tagged "admin".
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