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AUTHOR: rubyelf
PAIRING: None... Billy, Karl, and Miranda in the "GLASS" AU before Dom's arrival
WARNINGS: GLASS AU. Bad words. Discussion of illegal activities.
SUMMARY: Karl drags Billy into the new bar that just opened down the street, where they meet owner/bartender Miranda and Karl sees an opportunity to pursue the career change he's been considering.
DISCLAIMER: Lies, all lies, and no profit to be made off them, either

Okay, sooooo... this is a late birthday story that I managed to squeeze out of my uncooperative brain for [ profile] msilverstar, who has been a lovely reader of this AU and has mentioned that she would like some back-story on some of the side characters such as Karl and Miranda. I don't know if this is what she wanted, but at least it's a little glimpse of how the events that occur in this AU got their start, and how Karl and Miranda became who they are in the present.