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Interlude In LA - Monaboyd Drabble

Interlude In LA
Rating - PG 13
Disclaimer - My take on how Dom might have needed Billy to help him with the some of the conflict and pain the final Hobbit premiere might have caused him.  I am taking the leap that Billy waited for Dom privately to return from Peru.  I have no knowledge this actually happened, and as always - this is pure fiction for shared pleasureI.

"There now," Billy whispered, dragging a new growth of beard across a sleepy lover's forehead before continuing, "I told you this damn premiere was nothing you needed to see."

The world outside lay bathed in the deepest tones of darkness found only before dawn.  A night time silence remained blessedly quiet where it surrounded them, broken only by occasional distant sounds of wildlife still clinging to the edges of the city.

The sleeping bundle sighed in his sleep, relief exquisite on Dom's face even as he dreamed in Billy's arms.

And risking his own anger anew Billy seethed, "Forget her."


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