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Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne - Monaboyd Drabble
Rating - PG 13
Disclaimer - all fictional fantasy on my part. 

"Well now," Dom whispered, as he drew a mere hair's breadth away.  "I guess a kiss like that really does answer most of my questions."

Billy said nothing immediately but stared back at him, his breath mixing and mingling with Dom's in the cool night air.   Squaring his shoulders, he remained firmly planted in front of him, his finger tips still entangled in the lapels of Dominic's prized new dress shirt, breath hitching in his chest and ever harder to catch as he allowed himself to recapture a host of long buried remembrances.

"And here's hoping, " Dom added, leaning closer, "you'll remember a few other things along the way, too."


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